There are multiple health insurance choices for Small Businesses and Nonprofits today. The market offers several ways to purchase insurance for companies. The complexities surpass whether to purchase insurance through Covered California's Exchange or directly from the insurance carrier, but also how to structure the benefit offering to employees. There are many tax advantages that can be setup as well. When purchasing coverage for a company it is important to make sure offering benefits really will benefit employees in the complex time of insurance available to individuals and families. Knowing when it is time is something an insurance broker who understands both the individual insurance market as well as the group laws is important in making the right decision for both companies, as well as employees. Companies with existing plans can benefit with a review of their coverage yearly from a conscientious insurance broker. 

Insurance brokers work with their clients to make sure offering group benefits is an actual benefit to the company as well as the employees. When it’s the right time, we help with selection of both plans and carriers through a careful analysis of benefits, plan structure and rates. We help companies offer the right plan or plans for their region and where their employees reside. As brokers, we advise on the way to structure plan setup to take advantage of money saving tax benefits. Through the initial process of quoting a group, understanding a group's need and helping a group with their HR needs after the group's health insurance is in place, "good" brokers serve the clients and their employees.

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