A Middleman is Best When Shopping for Insurance

As Insurance Brokers representing many clients for over 20 years we know what is important to clients. We hear over and over again from our clients that they want the best deal when purchasing any insurance. They want the application process to be easy and they want an insurance quote quickly. They want someone knowledgeable to make sure they get the right insurance coverage and someone who can answer their questions. This boils down to cost, easy, speed and peace of mind are what matters most. When you consider the things that matter most when shopping for insurance a Broker does a better job at satisfying clients than purchasing insurance from a captive agent. 

Is an Insurance Broker better than going to a captive agent or buying direct when considering cost?

Yes, absolutely because an Insurance Broker is loyal to you, not the insurance company. We shop all the companies we have access to, finding you the best coverage for the best price.  Experience with the markets and expertise in understanding your business and the coverage you need can save you a lot of money. We shop for you then explain the difference in the policies so you get the best coverage at the best price from someone who is licensed and trained.

Does using an Insurance Broker make it easier?

Yes, an Insurance Broker works for you marketing your business to multiple carriers with minimum applications. Instead of having to fill out an application for each separate carrier you want a quote from a Broker minimizes this filling out applications for you or using Broker only universal applications. They compare all the quotes and present them to you explaining the differences and giving invaluable advice on coverage differences. This is much easier than applying to different carriers and then having to compare the coverage’s yourself.

Of course, using an Insurance Broker can be much faster than going to several different captive agents. A Broker quickly and efficiently markets your business to the right carriers for the correct coverage. An Insurance Broker can normally present you with several quotes from A-rated carriers in a couple of days. Using a broker takes a fraction of the time, saving you from researching, filling out multiple applications and reviewing quotes.

There is no doubt that using an Insurance broker to shop for your Insurance provides peace of mind. An Insurance Broker like you is a professional at their job. We have been educated, trained and licensed in order to sell insurance. Our obligation is to you our client and we take care to make sure your business is protected as much as possible at the best price. We are there to answer your question regarding your coverage.  At the end of the day, we are liable to you if you do not have the coverage you thought you had. Which is why we make sure you understand your coverage. Each year we will review your insurance needs and re-quote to make sure you are getting the best deal.

When it comes to buying Insurance for your business whether it is Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance or Business Property Insurance an Insurance Broker can save you time and money and provide you with both an easier application process and the confidence that you have the right insurance to protect your business.